UPDATED Sept. 30, 2015                    

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I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. It is dedicated to the men(and women) of the era that

help make stockcar racing what it is today. This site could not be possible without the help of

the following people:

    Paul & Lise Bellefeuille               "Pete" Racine               Cho Lee               John Sleeper

    Johnny Gammell                          Harold Hanaford      Glen Gadapee       Lloyd Hutchins Jr.

    "Biggy" Bigelow                            Ken Paulsen            Scott Haskell           Dennis Bean  

    Bill Ladabouche                       Maurice Cuthbertson     Ken Robinson         Justin St Louis   

    Garth Chesley                              Suitors Garage         Geraldine Brock       John Mahnker  

    Joan Rice                             The Bob Doyle Racing Museum                  David McCue                           

    Leif Tillotson                                        Phil Whipple               The Norm MacIver Collection

   Audrey Champagne                          "Dunie" Berube                          Dick Johnston

    Sonja  Struthers                               Ralph Stygles                           Dave Health

    George Hill                                        Terry Andrews







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