Johnny Gammell's first car                                                      An improved second car 


    Bobby Bissell(L) Paul Martel(M) Ronnie Marvin                                       Harold Hanaford's first car                                                             






                                 Ken Robinson's #11                                                                  Infield shot 1963              



                Waugh 1st- Ingerson 2nd- Hanaford 3rd                                        The Gadapee race team                                   

                             Memorial Day Classic 1961                                                                                        




                               Kenny's Retired #11                                                  Oct. 20, 2009                                 Archie Beland

                                                                                            Pete & Johnny visit "Satch" for the last time




                                                       Archie Blackadar                                                                            Glen Gadapee Stock Cert.



                   Is this Clyde Andrews' # 20?                         Glenn with his hardware                   Remick   Marvin     Tony C


                                                              Kenny shows off his hardware from 44 years ago



          Pete must have gotten here very early                              Satch with his #59 set up for dirt 


                                             Dick Johnston stands with the OK car he drove 50 years ago 


                                                                          Bob Doyle ad ( 1962 ) 


Sonja  Struthers parades the Classic Trophy (1961)                          Perley Densmore Jr. wins at Riverside