Northeastern Speedway operated from 1959 thru 1966 with 129 weeks of racing.

                                  Only the "coupes" ran 1959 thru 1962. In 1963 a "Sportsman" Division was added.

                                  Some interesting facts surface between the above years, for example:

                                  John Gammell won the first race feature July 18, 1959

                                  Kenny Robinson won the last race feature Sept. 10, 1966

                                  1960 was the longest season ( May 21 thru Oct. 1 ) a total of 23 races.

                                  Jerry Bigelow, Skip Easter, and John Gammell were the only drivers to win features in both divisions.

                                  Stub Fadden won a feature race every year he drove.

                                  Steve Huckins won the first race feature he was ever in. ( Aug.27, 1960)

                                  Bob Fortin won 5 of 13 features (including 3 in a row) in 1966.

                                  John Gammell won 7 of 13 features (54%) in 1959.

                                  Glenn Andrews won 8 features in 1960. ( 3 in a row )

                                  Ronnie Marvin won 9 features in 1961. ( 4 in a row )

                                  Lee Ingerson won 8 features in 1963.

                                  Harold Hanaford won a feature 5 of the 6 years he raced.

                                  The Ingerson brothers combined for 25 wins.

                                   38 different drivers won features

                                   Johnny Gammell and Jerry Bigelow were the only Track Champions to win the Rice Trophy

                 This is just part of the history that Northeastern Speedway enjoyed for a brief 8 years

                           If you have some interesting track facts that you would like to share



                                       The Rice Memorial Sportsmanship Award

             This award was in honor of Richard Rice, who died in a non racing car accident August 1959

                 The award was presented to the driver who was the best "sport" for the season. It was voted on

             by all the drivers and owners. The trophy was passed on year to year with the winners name engraved

             and the year they won it. The following is a small tribute to the recipients of this award.


         Pete Racine and Perley Densmore-1959              Mutt Dexter with Joan Rice-1960                                 The trophy in 1959



                                   Glen Gadapee and Jerry Bigelow- 1961                                      Duane Remick- 1962


                 Johnny Gammell- 1963                      No Award- 1964                                  Ken Robinson- 1965


              John Gammell   Clyde Andrews                                                                                                             Kenny's award-1965

              Pete Racine  Perley Densmore



                                                           Raymond Racine (1959) admires dad's

                                            Rice Memorial Trophy ( looks like Pete's thumb in the view finder)



                                                                   Joan Rice- May 2010 (cute as ever)