Some Events of Days gone by

                                                                             NEAR HALL OF FAME 2010



                                                                   New Hampshire Motor Speedway 2010




                                                                          Milk Bowl Thunder Road 2009




                                                                  50th Anniversary Thunder Road 2009






                                                                              "Hardluck's" "Condo" 2009



                                                                                  "Pete" Racine's 2009


                                                                                  Barre Car Show 2005


                                                                                Thunder Road 2008



                                                                                      Milk Bowl 2004



                                                                                                                                             Bear Ridge 2004 


                                                                                    Barre Reunion 2003                       


                                                                                 Vermont State Fair 2009



                                                                 Thunder Road NEAR event August 5, 2010





                                              White Mountain Motor Sports Park NEAR event August 7,2010





                                                              Bear Ridge "Old Timers" Day Aug.28,2010




                                Gary Schoolcraft's Northeastern Reunion 9-19-2010









                                                                    Ralph Stygle's 75th Birthday Bradford VT.


                       Hanaford, Gammell, Stygles, Racine                              Three of a kind that a full house wouldn't beat

                                                                 324 years of racing history (UNTHINKABLE)  


                         nice cake (it tasted good too)                                                            The whole damn family

                                                                            Barre Car Show April 30, 2011


                  The 76 and 92 cars arrive downtown Barre                                                Need a new roof?


                                                                           Two proud vintage race car owners


                                                                                  Lloyd Hutchins and George Silsby head up Quarry Hill

                                                                                                      Bear Ridge car show May 7, 2011


                           First car to arrive                                                                             Pete told me to take this


                       There's got to be some stories here                                    Three old drivers, one new driver(you guess)

                                                             Monadnock Speedway N.E.A.R. Event May 7, 2011


                             Cho Lee takes the checkers                                                   All smiles after the first event win


                                                                             A little R&R before the race


                           Barry Roy gives his approval                                                           Yours truly's first lap