Some action Photos


                           Looks like anybodys race                                         Dearborn gets away, but not Bobby Waugh


              Tony C takes this one away from Racine                    Ernie Racine in this one, edging out Alan MacDonald


            Russ Ingerson  Duane Remick  Satch Hunt                   You don't see Marvin crowded into the wall too often


                                                                                                            Early 1959


                 Front stretch pile up (Thunder  Road)                              Watch the shirt fella's, I just ironed it


            Looks like a early night for the #55                                             Different night, same results


             Duane Remick gets a little confused                                               As does "Pete" Racine  




                      Can't win on the infield Pete                                     A bit of a mix up in front of the flagstand


                  The "Widow Maker" claims "Satch"                     Bob Doyle, Unknown, Satch, Jim Flanagan(car owner)

                                                                                                 Dick Billado (Might be at a Bardahl Trophy Dash)


                 A 1960 Line-up at Thunder Road                        Henry Montandon (33) and Chet Woods( before it was X-1)


               A bit of a mess on the back stretch                                                 Which way do I go?


              Looks like Racine gets through this one